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How Will Big Data Affect TV? A Podcast Interview with ITVT

Lotame’s Ryan Reed, Director of Innovation, TV and Video, recently spoke with Editor-in-Chief Tracy Swedlow from ITVT about the process of bringing big data to TV and how that will reverberate throughout the ecosystem. We go from the basics of how digital and TV can operate from the same data set to the specific use-cases of how data can be used in local broadcast and attribution.

View highlights from the interview below as well as the full article, and a link to the podcast!

History of Lotame
Lotame started in 2006, as what was the first data management platform (DMP), to help web publishers collect, organize and activate data about what their consumers were reading, what content they consuming on their websites, and their habits. Our founder and CEO, Andy Monfried, had this idea that if you can … read the full article on LinkedIn here.

How does this relate to TV?
After our extensive work with all types of web and mobile data, and the creation of our in-house cross-device technology, we noticed there was a gap: TV data. So we set out to build relationships with Smart TV manufacturers, to get access to their TV viewership data, and integrate that TV data with the 3rd party data we have … read the full article on LinkedIn here.

How do broadcasters use TV data?
For broadcasters, this TV viewership data allows them to plan media buys for their advertisers based on specific segments of TV viewers. More interestingly, broadcasters can use the cross-section of all of that behavioral data combined with SmartTV viewership data to create analytics. So, for example, if you want to know you have a … read the full article on LinkedIn here.

How do advertisers use TV data?
For marketers and advertisers, they can now buy these specific segments of TV viewers to target them with their digital campaigns. So if you want to reach the viewers of “So You Think You Can Dance” across the internet, you can … read the full article on LinkedIn here.

Showing attribution of TV buys
Beyond planning, Lotame’s aiTV platform also includes an attribution aspect that gives advertisers information about how these ads are impacting their bottom line in a variety of ways. After the campaign runs, we get the data back on which TVs sawthe campaign, and how on-target … read the full article on LinkedIn here.

What’s next for aiTV?
Since Lotame already has Smart TV data and the ability to make it meaningful and actionable to both broadcasters and advertisers, our next efforts are going to be focused on connecting to additional programmatic TV platforms, with the goal to make all audience data useable, especially on linear TV. Our goal is for our platform and the data and insights it provides read the full article on LinkedIn here.

View the Podcast: Listen to Ryan’s Radio ITVT Podcast Interview here with [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow.

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