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What Savvy Publishers Are Thinking Today

September 6, 2018

Publishers are always seeking extra insights into the behaviors and interests of their visitors across their websites, and other platforms. They need more control over their data and want to create more effective campaigns for their customers. Publishers today need a solution that maximizes audience targeting, building and optimization, and one that creates a competitive advantage. Lotame can help tackle these challenges.

Here are real results and successes that publishers have experienced with Lotame’s Data Management Platform (DMP). Each of these case studies is available for download by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 


The New Zealand Advertising exchange, KPEX, has joint partnerships with Stuff, Mediaworks, NZME and TVNZ. KPEX needed to individually collect and organize data with each of their publisher partnerships in order to create a KPEX audience product. 

Lotame Key Benefits:

  • Parent Child Account structure → Allowed KPEX to keep each publisher’s data separate in its own hierarchy, and combine it for one overall view of the total consortium data available!
  • Lotame Data Exchange (LDX)Instant access to over 4 billion data points from around the world to fulfill all of their campaigns!
  • Lotame Syndicate → 2nd Party Data marketplace that allows brands and agencies to access KPEX premium data securely and privately!

Digital Media Services (DMS)

DMS is the official digital arm of Choueiri Group who represents 45 media publishers across different verticals. Huawei, a global leader in telecoms, chose the Choueiri Group to create an effective targeted online media campaign for their products. The client wanted to focus their advertising on consumers who were most likely to convert. Therefore, Choueiri needed Lotame to identify those converters and reach them efficiently.

Lotame Key Benefits: 

  • Audience Discovery92% increase in total conversions!
  • DMP for Audience Targeting8% increased brand consideration, 13% increase in future intent in key markets!
  • Campaign Optimization → Choueiri saved their client $0.63 for every $1 spent, compared to a non targeted campaign!


AccuWeather wanted to improve inventory efficiencies, and reach new advertisers like automakers who were outside of the traditional weather realm. By partnering with Lotame, they were able to customize their weather product messaging to keep their “auto-intender segment” engaged.

Lotame Key Benefits

  • DMP For Audience Insights →  275% increase in ad spend from one automaker!
  • LDX → The development of new “automobile inmarket” audiences to appeal to prospective automakers in the U.S!
  • DMP For Audience Targeting → Used these audiences to close new business!


BookMyShow wanted to offer their brands more extensive targeting capabilities. Therefore, they used Lotame’s DMP to strengthen its advertising solutions for brands, making them more targeted and personalized.

Lotame Key Benefits: 

  • DMP For Audience Insights → 300% increase in ROI!
  • DMP For Audience Targeting → Targeting an audience of “Bollywood Buffs” resulted in an overall CTR of 5.81% on the app, with a 0.58% CTR overall!
  • Cross Device Targeting → For a recent mobile campaign, they had an overall CTR of 2.91% on their app for a movie listing, compared to 1.42% without targeting!


This artificial intelligence company struggled with having little control over their large quantities of prepacked third-party data. With the help of Lotame’s various solutions, GumGum has gained more control over their data, improving their campaigns’ performances overall.

Lotame Key Benefits: 

  • 1st party data collection → Noticeable improvement especially in CTR and viewability when using their own 1st-party data vs 3rd-party data!
  • LDX for third party data → 35% increase in ROI for its 3rd-party data spend!
  • DMP For Audience → They now have increased control and insight into the audience segments they purchase!

Access all of the publisher case studies outlined above by completing the form below:

A DMP can bring you real results. Looking for tips & tricks on how to maximize the ROI of your data? Read our DMP Playbook For Publishers to learn more!