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Welcome to the New Lotame.com

May 31, 2017

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new Lotame.com. We’ve completely reimagined the site to help create a more effective resource for you to learn about our business and build a deeper understanding of the broader data ecosystem. Through the new site you’ll be able to:

Understand the value Lotame’s DMP delivers

Lotame Solutions

Our data management platform offers significant benefits to marketers, agencies and publishers. We’ve captured many of these key benefits on the site to help you understand how our platform can add value to your business.

Learn about our products

Lotame Products

You may already know about Lotame’s DMP or our Data Exchange, but Lotame offers a variety of products for different types of businesses. Learn about our entire suite of products to see which one is right for you.

Discover our global data exchange

Lotame data exchange

DMP clients and non-clients alike leverage our global third-party data exchange to increase the effectiveness of their audience targeting. Find out more about this data exchange and the granular segments we have available around the world.

Access useful resources

Lotame News & Resources

For visitors wanting to take a deeper dive into Lotame’s capabilities and learn more about the broader data ecosystem, we’ve created a comprehensive ‘news and resources’ library that offers up a wealth of useful resources, from thought pieces and case studies to whitepapers and videos.

Learn about our privacy policies and practices

At Lotame, we take privacy seriously. Head over to our privacy center to review our latest policies, access our user-friendly opt-out tool, and find a range of other useful privacy related content and resources.

Get content on the go

The new site has been designed to be fully responsive, delivering a seamless experience across desktop, mobile and tablet. This helps ensure that you can access the information you need from your desk and while you’re on the go.

While we’re excited to share this new resource with you, we recognize that a website can only paint part of the picture. After spending some time on the site, we’d encourage you to request a demo to get more of a hands-on experience of the platform and to understand how it can add value to your digital business.