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[Webinar] Going Beyond a Buzzword: Journey Optimization and the DMP

January 21, 2019

Reaching the right users, at the right time, with the right message, on the right device can be a daunting task. How do you make it a reality? Journey Optimization is not just a buzzword, but a data-driven strategy that pushes marketers, agencies, and publishers to be more aware of their customer’s journey.

Lana Warner, Customer Success Manager at Lotame presents a webinar as she takes you beyond the buzzword, and into the strategy behind journey optimization. In this webinar, you will learn how your DMP fits into a customer-first strategy with Journey Optimization. We’ll show how to use your customer data to match your messaging to each stage of the customer journey for maximum engagement and conversions. Here are the details: 

Presenter: Lana Warner, Customer Success Manager, Lotame

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