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[Webinar] DMP Playbook: A Marketer’s Guide to Winning with a DMP

February 12, 2018

In the world of digital advertising and programmatic marketing, data has grown exponentially in both volume and importance. We have entered an era of data-driven marketing campaigns focused on audience engagement and one-to-one brand experiences.

At the heart of this data revolution sits the data management platform (DMP), focused on collecting, managing and activating data. DMPs give clients the ability to centralize and manage their databases, analyze their marketing efforts, inform content management systems, and power advertising platforms.

Emily Mendenhall, Client Success Manager at Lotame and Mark Sanders, Director of Sales Engineering spend their days on the front-lines, working the DMP users who are putting Lotame’s technology to the test to achieve their KPIs. Access this recording of this on-demand webinar for a guided tour of DMPs, their core functions and the common use cases, and tips and tricks for success. 


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Looking for more resources to get started with a DMP? If you haven’t already checked out Lotame’s DMP Playbook, this guide is available for download here.