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Webinar: DMP 101 – What is a Data Management Platform?

January 18, 2017

So, you think you might want a data management platform (DMP)? Or is it one of those buzzwords you’ve heard over and over, and you want to learn more about what a DMP is and why it’s helpful to your marketing efforts? Lotame has recorded a 30 minute webinar for you to learn more about DMPs! Download this DMP 101 webinar and watch it whenever you’re ready!

There is no denying that data-driven marketing offers incredible opportunities for increased engagement and ROI. But as the scale of the data available to businesses grows, so does the challenge to manage and make sense of this data. For companies looking to understand their perfect customers, and find a way to reach more of them, a data management platform (DMP) is a powerful tool to help transform the mounds of audience data you have at your fingertips into insights.

Download this on-demand webinar on DMP 101, to learn:
– What a data management platform is
– How it collects and organizes data from any source (online, offline, social, CRM, mobile)
– How to use it to identify your ideal consumers, and how to reach them across screens for maximum engagement
– Why a DMP is not the same as a DSP (see this article for more clarification on this AdTech jargon)
– Common use cases of a DMP – including audience targeting, customer insights, and cross-platform messaging and personalization

Feliks Malts from digital agency 3Q Digital also shared his own experience of looking for a DMP. He talks about the challenges he was looking to address and how the DMP has affected his business to date.

If you’re looking for a basic introduction to the wonders of the DMP, this DMP 101 webinar is for you! Click here to register!