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[Webinar] Beyond Advertising: DMP Revenue Strategies for Publishers

November 8, 2018

Targeted advertising is great, but it’s not the only way to use data to make more money. Publishers today cannot afford to solely rely on traditional advertising to bring in revenue, especially when they’re tasked with delivering revenue growth each quarter. Publishers need to diversify their revenue which means a larger data strategy must be in place for 2019 and beyond.

Mark Sanders, Lotame’s Director of Customer Development presented an educational webinar recently and the 30 minute webinar recording is now available. Access today to explore using untapped audience and data revenue streams for publishers to:

  • Grow Online Subscriptions & Paywalls
  • Retain Offline Subscribers
  • Increase Site Section Traffic
  • Build Consumer Profiles for Content Personalization
  • Use Audience Insights for Editorial Recommendations
  • And More!

Access the Webinar Recording!

For publishers looking to increase revenue with data, be sure to watch the replay!

Looking for more tips & tricks to help increase revenue, beyond advertising? Download the guide to get started!

Revenue strategies for publishers beyond advertising