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Webinar: Beyond Addressable TV with Behavioral Data

January 24, 2017

For marketers looking to combine the powerful audience targeting of digital with the broad reach of TV, there has been a missing link for some time. On January 17th, Lotame partnered with Pearl TV and AdWeek to host a webinar exploring the future of linear TV buying and selling, beyond addressable TV with behavioral data. 

In case you missed it, the webinar was recorded and is available for download here.  

There are no shortage of data sources available to digital marketers; data is collected from many devices in households, and that data is collected and is available to marketers. And yet data silos remain, and make it difficult to get a holistic view of your audience. Cross-device audience targeting is table stakes in 2017, and now it is time for TV to join the party. Enter audience-based linear TV. 

Seamless advertising across screens is every marketer’s dream and the new frontier of TV ad buying relies on leveraging digital data to find your audience. The challenge: Audience targeting available on digital platforms doesn’t translate to television advertising. How can advertisers in overcome this obstacle and inform TV buys with behavioral online data?

Download the webinar to learn from data management platform Lotame and broadcast advertising collective Pearl TV about the current state of linear TV advertising and how you can use behavioral data to go beyond addressable TV. You’ll find out ways to bridge the gap between TV and digital, including:

  •      How to leverage online behavioral data to identify when key audiences are watching TV
  •      How to use this data to send relevant advertising to TV viewers for increased engagement
  •      The keys to going beyond panels to measure the efficiency of your TV ads

Download the webinar by clicking the icon below to learn more!

Download the webinar

Want to learn more about how Lotame’s TV DMP solution can help you make this audience-targeted TV a reality? We’d love to chat. Contact us or click here to learn more about aiTV.