Visto Uses APIs to Automate 90% of Data Transfer with Lotame

July 26, 2018

Visto is a technology company dedicated to bringing transparency, interoperability and accountability to digital advertising. Their Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub is a vendor-agnostic platform that unites the complete ad tech stack in a single user-friendly interface. Brands, media companies and agencies benefit from transparency in managing execution partners, optimizing ad spend, measuring performance and leveraging analytics to drive efficiencies and improve ROI.

Visto’s Challenge

Their primary challenge was to provide a single UI for the end user to activate audience data while planning and optimizing their campaigns from Visto’s UI across multiple execution channels. Having Lotame integrated within the Visto platform, advertisers can implement an omnichannel strategy in an efficient and scalable way to reach targeted audiences. This allows brands to identify and target their most valuable customers across screens and engage users with compelling ad formats throughout the customer journey.

Lotame’s Solution

To accomplish this, Visto relied on an integration with Lotame’s API which allowed them to:

  •  Syndicate client’s first-party audience data across multiple execution partners
  • Send third-party audience data to multiple execution partners in real-time
  • Channel retargeting and look-alike segments created via Visto’s tracking pixels
  • Power Visto’s Audience Analytics via Lotame’s cartographer data pipeline

“Lotame has been an active partner of Visto’s with their ability to build integrated API’s to ingest, model and apply audience data between our platforms. Working closely with Lotame’s team and API stack, has helped us offer critical programmatic capabilities such as dynamic cross-product audience targeting and real-time audience reach analytics. These have not only allowed our users to save operational time but also focus more on delivering better campaign performance.” – Vidhan Srivastava, Senior Director, Product Management at Visto

Real Results

  • Almost 90% of the data exchange between Lotame and Visto is now automated
  • This means less manual work by end users: Through the API and data ingestion automation, Visto has minimized the manual work required by users to choose audience segments and traffic targeted campaign
  • Real time audience activation and measurement across multiple channels and platforms with the API integration

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