[Video] What is aiTV?

September 22, 2017

Below you will find an explainer video for aiTV, our Audience Intelligence solution for Television & Video.

In digital advertising, you have the ability to understand consumers in real-time. But with television, marketers are still targeting in the dark.

For 70 years, advertisers have only been able to target by age and gender… But, as an example, not all 35-year-old females have the same interests.

To make more informed buying decisions, you need technology that goes beyond the surface.

Meet Lotame’s aiTV. A data management platform built for television, with the rich segmentation and targeting capabilities that digital has benefited from for years.

As the leading independent Data Management Platform, Lotame connects TV viewership data– from roughly 8 million smart TVs nationwide—with billions of online cookies and mobile device IDs.

Lotame overlays rich 1st and 3rd party signals, like purchase intent or life stages, on top of programming, daypart and viewership insights. This drives more efficient planning, analyzing and measuring pre and post campaign.

Increase relevance and  ROI – with Lotame’s aiTV!

Want to learn more? Send us an email to aitv@lotame.com or Contact Us to set up a demo today!