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[Video] What is a Data Management Platform?

February 13, 2019

Every day, your company generates a wealth of data. But how do you harness that data’s power to connect with your consumers, turn insights into action, and generate more revenue?

Enter Lotame’s Data Management Platform, a technology focused on collecting, managing, and activating data from many different sources in real-time to improve your overall customer experience, engagement, and loyalty.

Partnering with Lotame’s DMP lets you segment your visitors and build them into audiences based on specific demographics, locations, behaviors, and interests. You can also layer on second or third-party data to help fill in any gaps. From there, you can glean unique insights into your audience makeup, and use them to personalize content, find new customers, and further engage your existing ones.

Whether you’re a publisher looking to maximize your inventory, attract more subscribers and personalize experiences; or an agency or brand trying to find new customers, increase campaign performance, and decrease wasted ad spend, a DMP is an essential tool for all business strategies.

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