VerticalScope Uses UGC Data to Drive Performance for Auto Campaigns

December 1, 2018

Client Challenge:

VerticalScope is an integrated multi-platform media company that owns and operates over 1400 websites in high-consumer spending verticals, including auto and power sports with its AutoGuide Group. With over 120 million uniques per month across their platform, VerticalScope knew its sites played an important role in the automotive consumer decision journey and wanted to use their wealth of valuable user generated content (UGC) to increase clicks while decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) for its advertisers. So it turned to Lotame’s data management platform to help collect, organize and activate this data.


The first step in putting this valuable data to work was to collect it. VerticalScope deployed the Lotame tag across their network of sites to collect four major types of very valuable data in the automotive decision journey:

1st PARTY SITE VISITATION AND INTEREST DATA: Consumers who visit the over 600 automotive sites that VerticalScope owns and operates.

1st PARTY ENGAGEMENT DATA: Consumers who actively read content associated with any given make and model by using a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

1st PARTY IN-MARKET DATA: Consumers that engage in key shopping behaviors i.e. locate a dealer, build and price, comparisons, reviews etc. within the last 7 days.

1st PARTY MEMBER DATA: Consumers that join these communities and use the platform for connecting and communicating with each other.


Once this data was collected, it was used to build precise audience targets to reach consumers most likely to engage with the campaigns.

Real Results: 

So how did these targeted campaigns perform compared to non-targeted ones?

  • Cost Per Acquisition dropped 24% compared to the previous benchmark
  • Click through rates increased 67%






Lotame works with publishers and media companies around the world including Verticalscope, Bloomberg, Singapore Press Holdings, Tribune Interactive, and BBC. If you’d like more information on how our suite of products can help your company increase engagement with your campaigns to boost revenue, contact us. We’d love to show you a demo of our platform, or just talk data strategy.