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Under the Hood with Traci Migliorisi

August 28, 2018

This week’s “Under the Hood” employee spotlight features Lotame’s Director of Finance, Traci Migliorisi. When Traci isn’t establishing our international entities and managing functions related to them, she is co-parenting her two boys back in Florida! Let’s learn more about Traci!

  • How long have you worked for Lotame? Can you tell us how your position has evolved during this time?

Over 10 years now!  And, what an exciting ride it’s been!  

I’m not sure I’ve ever held one ‘position’ with Lotame, to be honest. I arrived as a Controller, initially building and managing both the finance/accounting and human resources functions to support daily US operations on a smaller scale than today. It evolved into a variety of roles over the years as Lotame and I grew, and gradually into Director of Finance. Ultimately, I became primarily focused on establishing our international entities and managing the related daily accounting, tax, compliance and administration functions to support our global presence.  

Over time, other business tasks became larger in scale, and more important, so my focus also turned to global risk management (think insurance); domestic and international financial audit requirements and issues; variable compensation & commissions; and administration of our equity program (think options). On the latter, I had the opportunity to ‘geek out’ with the upgrade to a new equity management platform last year! I really enjoyed getting back to software implementation, learning way too much about stock-based compensation expense accounting, providing a portal for participants, and ultimately trimming some other expenses.

How would you describe the environment here at Lotame?

Innovative. Collaborative. Caring. Balanced. Diverse. Full of people who are willing to share their talent and knowledge so we’re stronger together. I used to tell candidates during interviews one of my favorite things about Lotame is how our people are ‘generously smart’ vs. ‘selfishly smart’.  It makes all the difference and promotes trust, which I find imperative to organizational success. If you’re not an ‘honest agent’, go home! I also always said, ‘The good news is: you’re going to wear a lot of hats…..and the bad news is: you’re going to wear a lot of hats’.

Where were you prior to Lotame? 

A few places, actually.  I’m one of the ‘seniors’ around here!  I met Monfried, Pinkham, O’Connor, Cochran, Woosley, Rich and a few others at Advertising.com (AOL), where I served as Assistant Controller, and later Controller. I also held accounting and business management positions at CBS Radio (WHFS), Tessco Technologies, and Aerotek.

It must be hard working remotely and staying up to date with all of Lotame’s updates. What are your secrets to success?

Technology and visits!  Our communication via email, staff meetings, and webinars makes this easier.  So, actually, most of the credit goes to YOU, my colleagues, ‘generously smart’ people.  Also, I ask many questions and read often.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I co-parent two incredible teenage boys, attending and supporting all things baseball, football, swim, drama and the arts.  I also enjoy reading, hiking, running, refinishing and working with wood of any kind for any reason, hanging out at the beach (think sunscreen), and volunteering/helping others when I can.

Tell us one thing we don’t already know about you.

I hate Halloween!