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Under the Hood with Lotame’s Jen Campbell

February 5, 2017

This week’s employee spotlight features Jennifer Campbell, Lotame’s newest Data Team Member. She recently joined the Data Team as a data analyst. Let’s learn a bit more about Jen and her experience at Lotame so far. 

What did you do before joining Lotame?

I’m originally from New Jersey, and received my bachelor’s in business from Rider University, and worked in human resources for a bit before joining the SaaS/tech start-up world. My previous role was at Performline, a SaaS marketing compliance company. My role included the entire reporting process from discovery of violations, to report creation which involved a few processes, and the final upload into the platform. This is where I fell in love with the tech company environment. Allowing people to be people at work does wonderful things for efficiency and therefore a company’s bottom line. In my previous role, I got to read a lot about interesting and relevant topics like personal finance and the for-profit education industry and student loans.

How would you describe Lotame to somebody who is not familiar?

Before working at Lotame, I noticed the shift in online advertising – how I would look for a cabinet on my laptop, then when I pulled up Facebook on my phone, I would then see ads for the same cabinet or very similar ones! Lotame and our clients take on many steps in that lengthy and complex process. It has to be approached from so many points of view – business, legal, and technology to name a few.

Essentially, we have a lot of data that will help our clients (and their clients) more accurately target their marketing campaigns for a better return on that investment. We have audiences that are ready to be purchased and marketed towards, or clients can build their own custom audiences depending on their needs. The platform has a lot of helpful insights for before, during, and after marketing campaigns are executed to help see all angles and where marketing initiatives need the most tweaking.

I’m still learning as it is a lot to digest, but it’s great to learn about something that is relevant to any internet user! And as an internet shopper, I appreciate relevant ads for things that will cut down my shopping time, rather than seeing irrelevant ads and scratching my head wondering how they got to me.

Where do you think the Lotame Data Exchange is headed this year?

Advertising and marketing as business functions are not going away anytime soon, so it’s a great space to be in. The technology is impressive and is constantly improving. Improving the quality of our data and scaling are definitely big initiatives for us, and those are being approached in multiple ways. Something I am interested to keep my eye on is how laws will be updated in conjunction with the ever-changing technology in the advertising world, especially under a new Presidential administration this year.

What do you think are some key takeaways from utilizing 3rd-Party Data?

There are pros and cons for sure. I believe strongly in teamwork and comparing notes to get things done, and that is essentially what 3rd party data can do. It can fill in gaps to maximize marketing initiatives. However, everything is not laid out simply because you have access to this data, and that is one area Lotame can help in. Organizing those different types of data and how to turn those insights into action is a big part of the game.

What was your first reaction to Lotame’s work environment?

From my first glance at the website, I knew I wanted to work at Lotame. I think if a company cares about its online appearance, it is more likely to care about its people and details often overlooked by companies that are actually important. The fun and smart vibe I got from the website and during my interview process caused me to become emotionally invested, so I was very excited to get the offer! Upon arrival, everyone was welcoming and helpful. To be honest, it gives me hope for spending a big chunk of my life in an office, because I’ve also spent time in stereotypical offices wearing uncomfortable clothes just waiting for 5pm. I definitely appreciate Lotame’s relaxed work environment that allows people to focus on the actual work. The mentor program, online training, and stocked kitchen are just a few perks that have made it easy to adjust to life here.

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I’m a closet nerd and not 100% into the scene many people my age are. I did Model United Nations and studied abroad in college, so I have a heavy interest in world affairs, politics, and learning about all kinds of people. I also got my minor in Spanish, originally majoring in it to become a high school Spanish teacher. I’m totally a hoping for world peace and seeking the best in others type of person, but I come with Jersey sass and realism. My preferred Friday night would include a game of Risk, a documentary, and red wine – not necessarily in that order.