Under the Hood with Lotame’s Gustavo Morales

August 4, 2017

Since joining Lotame 2 ½ years ago, Gustavo has been on the front lines of client success, guiding companies from every industry to put their data-driven marketing strategies to work for them. Let’s take a closer look at the life of a Senior Strategic Engagement Manager to see if he has any tips for DMP success.

What is your current role and how would you say it has evolved over your time at Lotame?

I work as a Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, with the fundamental goal of providing effective solutions from a strategic and technical point of view to our clients in order to help them realize value and success.

Is there a “typical day” in your current role?

Normally I review email very early and note any pressing items that may need immediate attention. Beyond that, there are no typical days, as I am involved in so many activities from Pre-sales, Implementations, Strategy, Documentation, Escalations, Product, etc. There are days where I even write database queries.

What did you do before joining Lotame?

I worked at DoubleClick then Google for 14 years, where I was involved with every single product DoubleClick offered, managed our Consulting Services division and provided consulting to clients all over the world. After that, I spent a couple of years at Yahoo on the Data Management and Audience groups.

You work closely with our TV DMP solution. Where do you see the future of linear television headed in the next five years?

I believe that technology and particularly our TV DMP solution will impact linear television profoundly. So many technologies have appeared trying to eliminate advertising, so much time and money is spent on finding the right programming and advertising combinations. When you can apply data to all aspects of the TV industry the result I envision is beneficial to all parties as media spent will be optimized for the specific viewership, media programming could be also optimized based on real, non paneled data, and imagine this: The commercials presented could be relevant to the viewer.

What opportunities do you see in the marketplace with regards to data?

I see a definite trend and interest in leveraging 2nd party data and building those relationships. Whether the goal is monetizing data as a seller via a private deal, or buying data from a trusted source, this type of relationship is increasing both in frequency as well as in size. The value of declared data from a seller could potentially be more in a data deal than in direct advertising depending on reach and the nature of the data itself.

Since you work directly with so many clients, what have you learned as important to client success with a DMP?

Ownership, Flexibility and Accountability are in my opinion the most critical aspects of the success for any client leveraging a DMP. There needs to be at least one end user who takes ownership of the DMP, who understands the ins and outs of it and is the “go-to” person to make sense of all the data. I also think that the same principles apply to the DMP as a provider of the technology and the service. You need to be sure you are working with a DMP that offers excellent technology and will give you sufficient customer support.

Where do you think the AdTech space is headed?
I truly believe we are headed into a phase where everything is tailored based on the data available to all providers of services and media. I also think AdTech technology is going to be leveraged by other industries to enhance the user experience.

What do you do when you’re not at Lotame?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but singing opera keeps me sane. I try to sing as frequently as my schedule permits. I also fish a little bit, fly a plane from time to time, and  read. I was told I am a bit of a Renaissance man.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am an almost transparent book. Ask me and you will likely get an answer.