Under the Hood with Lotame’s Amy Pickwick Lipsius

May 1, 2017

Published on May 1, 2017

Amy Pickwick Lipsius

This week’s Under the Hood is featuring Amy (Pickwick) Lipsius, Lotame’s Knowledge Base & Advocacy Manager, Global Client Success. She is the driving force behind much of the content that lives in the MyLotame Knowledge Base, which is our 24/7 online knowledge base of questions and answers for our DMP clients. 

Tell us about your current role at Lotame and what you did before joining Lotame.

My role is ever-changing, to keep up with nimble Lotame, and my current title is Knowledge Base & Advocacy Manager. I am based out of Lotame’s Columbia, Maryland, USA office, about 30 minutes north of Washington, D.C. This current title evolved in July 2016 from Knowledge Base Manager, when I began overseeing Lotame’s advocacy hub, Lotame Champions. Prior to July 2014, and back to my Lotame beginnings in October 2013, I served as a Client Success Manager (CSM) overseeing 18 client accounts.

Amy Pickwick Lipsius

The Knowledge Base & Advocacy Manager role is a natural fit for me, as my career path has been in content and project management. My education focused on both my Bachelor of Science, Marketing concentration and a Studio Art minor from Salisbury University, University of Maryland System about 2 hours east of Washington, D.C., in 1998. Between graduation and landing at Lotame, I spent my years with B2B publishers (Cygnus Business Media, Go Forward Media) and hosting businesses (Interliant, USinternetworking / AT&T). One of my most memorable past work experiences was getting deeply trained on AT&T U-verse installation, should the union workers call strike at AT&T i
n 2009…it was hard work!

In my current role at Lotame, I serve on (what I consider to be the most stellar team at Lotame) the Platform Services & Education (PSE) Team, a part of the greater Global Client Success (GCS) Team.

How has your role evolved since you joined Lotame?

Since joining Lotame, I’ve seen our numbers of DMP clients triple and our employees double, with huge growth specifically in our overseas markets and in our types of clients. What this has meant for Lotame is that we needed resources and support available to our employees and clients alike available in a follow-the-sun solution.

In January 2015, the MyLotame Knowledge Base was born. It was a huge undertaking, as the seemingly long list of content ideas continued to grow to meet those global team needs.  When we launched the Knowledge Base, we had about 600 registered users, and are closing in on 4,000 today. We have also gone from a humble 130 articles at launch to over 400 today.  It’s taken a lot of research, collaboration, and attention to detail in order to draft, publish, and curate such a large amount of content. With my marketing educational background, I also was involved in the launch of Lotame’s Score More 8-week email series for users new to the platform, Lotame’s monthly email newsletter, Coach’s Corner, and the Lotame Champions advocacy hub, which serves as both an educational outlet to our employees and clients, as it also helps to strengthen Lotame’s brand. The stronger the Lotame brand, the greater our product and service offerings can be.

Tell us a little bit about the MyLotame Knowledge Base, and how you stay on track with updating it for clients.

The MyLotame Knowledge Base is a knowledge base full of timely, and curated, articles, discussions, and videos. Content topics range from common questions and answers, to platform “how to’s,” product release notes, and information on growing DMP ROI with best practices and thought leadership pieces. A search bar at the top allows members to search all the content to find the information they need when they need it. I do my best to take the marketing fluff, technical mumbo-jumbo out, and add the super-crucial, granular details and screenshots in. I write and edit the content as if I was the recipient, in a brand new role in the MarTech space in some remote part of the world. This skill comes specifically from the days I spent specializing in SEO (search engine optimization) at publishing employers, as you are trained to “think like the end user” when developing the search terms to focus on. I use these SEO skills to do my very best to include multiple-variations of common industry terms throughout material to help get members honed into the content they need quickly using the search bar first and foremost in the Knowledge Base. In order to keep the content up-to-date, we use an internal content submission form, where ideas and drafts stream in from all across the organization. (If a client has an idea for content, it should be sent in via the Contact Support form within the MyLotame Knowledge Base). I am able to regularly skim the list and pick out the items that are of the greatest need now, and pull in resources from across the organization to assist in drafting and editing materials. Turn-around time can be as little as days, or in some cases, hours.

What is your goal for the Knowledge Base?

My ultimate goal for the Knowledge Base is to do more with less. The more we are able to document repetitive information, the more we are able to free up Lotame’s resources for greater asks and needs of our clients. It will never be complete, as there’s always new and great content being unearthed through our new products, services, partnerships, and more. As the industry evolves, and Lotame evolves, so does the Knowledge Base. I hope our clients can rely on it as a trusted advisor when they need answers quickly, regardless of where they are in the world and what day of the week or time of day it is.

What are other resources that Lotame offers to clients outside of the Knowledge Base to learn more?

As mentioned, Lotame offers an 8-week email course intensive, which we opt-in new client users and also new staff at existing clients. It walks our client base through the most essential ways to get started and easily and quickly find support with Lotame. This is known as Score More and can be subscribed to within the Knowledge Base. The monthly Lotame Coach’s Corner email is specifically brought to existing clients directly from and by our amazing global client success (GCS) team. A fellow team member recently launched Lotame Academy, which we announced at the 2017 Lotame Spark client summit and further in the April 2017 Coach’s Corner email. Lotame Academy is a learning management system in order to educate both Lotame new hires (I mentioned we’ve doubled in size, right?) and new Lotame DMP end users.

What is Lotame Champions?

Lotame Champions is one of the coolest perks of being a Lotame client, as being a Lotame client propels you into a world of limited-time, game-style challenges to establish DMP expertise, boosting one’s professional profile and social network, and so much more. All of this is done by incentivizing with “Lotame Champions points” which are redeemable for prizes, such as the latest tech gadgets, gift cards, and Lotame schwag, targeted to specific regions worldwide.

What is your favorite part about working at Lotame? Why do you keep coming back?

Helping others succeed…whether it’s the immediate success of a coworker or someone brand new to the world of MarTech at one of our clients, who needs to know everything and know everything now. I often come up with ideas for content and execution in the shower!

What do you think is the biggest perk to working at Lotame?

My “family” of immediate coworkers. We can trust one another, work cohesively together, in order to row in the same direction. We take time for downtime and we have family-first mindsets, which helps us to be even more successful at our day jobs. My direct manager is literally the best manager at Lotame (besides our CEO), and I like the way we work together and he’s rather hands-off with me scheduling my workload and time. He’s there when I need an assist however. And, if I may add in one more thing…I love, love, love, that anyone and everyone can be thought leaders within the organization. Often the best ideas come from those working the ground, closest to our clients.

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

Amy Pickwick Lipsius

Ha!  Well here’s a couple of things… And, you’ll quickly see how I parlayed into the Knowledge Base role once it was established that Lotame needed resources dedicated to self-service content in late 2014: From October 2000 – September 2001, I founded (and served as the first president of) the Atlanta Outdoor Club, now serving 3,000 in the greater metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA area, and over 10,000 events held to date. I also founded and served in the president role of the Maryland Outdoor Club from March 2003 – 2007. My favorite outdoor adventures include: flatwater kayaking, hiking, and camping. I have been dubbed “The Facetrix” by friends since I’m well-versed on social media marketing. I am a “lead” in my neighborhood’s Nextdoor.com online community. I recently picked up a photography hobby and have been taking several courses in the area, mostly to feed my blog: www.saving-amy.com focusing on thrifty shopping, budget living, and do-it-yourself. I thrive off of Clark Howard (financial guru) podcast content and it guides me through many of the decisions that I make in life in order to retire comfortably. I literally listen every day. I also try to live life with an “it could be worse” attitude. Last, but certainly not least, we look forward to growing our family of 3 to 4 at the end of 2017!

If I were to add a professionally-related item, it would be that I’m a huge proponent of and dedicated to pushing forward with a Product Ideation platform within the Knowledge Base, to surface end user’s platform product ideas with Lotame.

Connect with me via LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @amylotame. I look forward to having you as part of the Knowledge Base!