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Under the Hood with Ian Anderson

April 21, 2018

This week’s “Under the Hood” employee spotlight features Ian Anderson, one of Lotame’s super talented and hardworking Technical Support Specialists. Our Technical Support Specialists are the eyes and ears of the DMP and make sure that it is always working correctly and efficiently for our clients, and Ian is basically a rockstar. Let’s learn more about Ian.

Tell us about your position at Lotame?

As a technical services specialist, my position is to help coordinate solutions between the different organizations at Lotame as well as escalating cases to our Engineering team that require further investigation.

What is your day to day like here?

It seems to vary depending on our caseload, but each day brings new challenges to solve. But with these challenges come solutions that we hope to fit our customers’ needs.

What did you do prior to joining the Lotame team?

Prior to Lotame, I worked at a company called FIS Solutions as a Support Tech, where I validated files being sent out and coming in, installed new software patches and completed port requests, and was an escalation source for software issues for our clients.

As a Technical Support Specialist, there is a level of customer support as well as technical background that you need to have. Can you tell us how you balance the two?

There is definitely a need for both in this role. Being able to communicate and explain technical issues effectively is definitely required due to all the stakeholders involved in what we do (clients, engineers, etc).  It’s tough at times, but learning what information you need to communicate between parties is key. For the technical part, it’s all about keeping up with the many services that our platform provides and the new features that are added.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is new to Lotame?

Being someone who was completely new to this type of industry when I started, I would say take it slow. There are a lot of new things and acronyms to learn, but everyone here is friendly and willing to help.

Tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I have never been out of North America. Kind of boring but I want to get out and travel to fun places in Europe and Asia. I’m open to any recommendations!

What is the best place you have ever traveled to?

Coronado Island, CA. I went there with my wife and we had the best Mexican food, ice cream, and the most beautiful beach with glowing sand. It’s only a short trip from San Diego, so I highly recommend it!