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U.S. Hispanics Audiences in Lotame Data Exchange


As the largest minority group in the country, U.S. Hispanics make up a fast-growing and influential market. By 2023, they’ll have $1.9 Trillion in buying power. Not surprisingly, Hispanic identity and lifestyle play a strong role in buying behaviors. This emerging market requires the right data and the right data strategy to advertise effectively.  

To help marketers better understand, find and target this diverse, growing and influential population, Lotame created U.S. Hispanics audiences across:

  • Demographics (Age, Gender, HHI, Education)
  • Language (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Bilingual)
  • Acculturation (1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation)
  • Country of Origin (20 Countries)
  • Buying Behaviors (Auto, Real Estate, Groceries)
  • Cultural Interests (Food, Sports, Movies, Music, Video Games)
  • And more!

Activate these segments across Lotame Data Exchange and all major DSPs.

Learn more about Lotame’s U.S. Hispanics segments and what successful campaigns look like with three simple steps:

  1. View the one-sheet with sample data segments available for your campaigns.
  2. Register below and watch the webinar replay: Cultura y Tradiciones: Successful Digital Advertising to U.S. Hispanics Starts Here. Join Sebastian Yoffe, Lotame Managing Director – Latin America & U.S. Hispanics, for a data-driven exploration into the impact of language, family, and culture on the U.S. Hispanic lifestyle and on the success of your digital advertising message. Learn how to connect meaningfully and respectfully with your best — and your next best — U.S. Hispanic customers.
  3. Contact us with any questions. Our team of global data experts are here to help!

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