Introducing Lotame TV

TV + Digital Connected Data Solutions

Peanut Butter + Jelly.  Ross + Rachel.  TV + Digital.

Some things just go better together. 


Lotame TV is a suite of connected data solutions that enable media companies, agencies and brands to target, analyze and activate TV and commercial viewers digitally. Amplify your brand with cross-screen messaging, gain insights on existing customers to optimize engagement, and push pre-packaged and custom TV audiences across your digital channel of choice. With Lotame TV, you can plan and execute omni-channel marketing with the power of TV + Digital.

Lotame’s Suite of TV + Digital Connected Data Solutions

Lotame TV Connect

Lotame TV Connect is the hub where TV + Digital data — including ACR, OTT, website, app, and CRM data — is synced, matched to 4 billion web, mobile and OTT device IDs, and clustered by individual and household. When you’re ready to activate your audience segments, TV Connect is synced to most major adservers, DSPs, and attribution platforms.

Lotame TV LAB

Lotame TV LAB is where art meets science to create audience segments that fit your marketing needs. ACR and OTT audience data can be mixed, matched and combined with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party data to create your ideal segments. Don’t have enough scale? Use our proprietary machine-learning modeling tool, Audience Optimizer, to intelligently scale your segments.

Lotame TV Analytics

Lotame TV Analytics gives you a 360 degree view of consumers watching your TV shows or commercials, and enables you to take action with a click. Leverage your 1st party online and offline data, or access the world’s largest marketplace of 2nd and 3rd party data, to generate TV + Digital audience overlap and index reports that are on-demand, high definition and binge-worthy.

Lotame TV Data Exchange

Lotame TV Data Exchange offers custom and ready-to-target pre-packaged TV audiences, categorized by Program, Network, Show, Genre, Viewer Type, Dayparts, Tentpoles and Commercials that can be activated through any DSP. Target TV viewers across digital platforms and channels with the ability to scale through advanced machine learning and modeling.

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