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TV DMP: Bringing Digital Intelligence to Television

December 7, 2016

If you know Lotame, you understand that we use data to help our clients build stronger connections with their consumers. You may also know that we are proud to be the leading independent data management platform (DMP) and offer the most widely used, trusted, and comprehensive data exchange in the industry.

What is TV DMP?

Our team noticed a missing link in the not so far-off land of television advertising buying. From our extensive experience working with the world’s largest brands and agencies, and our roots in digital audience targeting and analysis, we realized the insightful consumer data that marketers have come to know and love in digital was absent in television, at the local  and national level.

We asked ourselves, how is a marketer able to truly know which consumers view certain shows on television stations and networks? How can a station or network sales team better position their viewing audiences for brands and their agencies? Lastly, how can this even be measured?

Well, we decided to bridge this gap. And Lotame TV DMP was born. 

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Where Does the TV Data Come From? 

Lotame maintains relationships with TV manufacturers to ingest TV viewership data at scale across ALL 210 DMAs (yes 210), providing enough reach to analyze audiences at any level.

By combining the viewership habits of a television audience with other Lotame data points collected from online and offline interests and behaviors, Lotame TV DMP offers a complete picture of television consumers. Now, local and national sellers will have access to the same audience targeting options that major media agencies already enjoy.

Linking Digital and TV Intelligence

We knew what we wanted to do, but how did we implement this combination?  Well, our partners continuously export anonymous, PII-free identifiers from Smart TVs into our platform. Using our Cross-Device technology, we connect these identifiers to Lotame’s vast reach of digital data. Lotame maps the data from these Smart TVs to other digital devices in a secure environment.

This allows for digital audiences to be represented by TVs. Lotame TV DMP calculates the propensity of an audience to view different programs, networks, and day parts.

Deeper Television Audience Insights

Lotame has brought rich targeting options to the digital ecosystem for years, including behavioral and psychographic data points, past purchase behavior and purchase intent, and, of course, all the demographic and geographic data points.

Now Lotame is bringing those same profiles and audience segments to television sales planning. Just enter the audience or audiences your advertisers wish to reach, and Lotame TV DMP will report on the programs, day parts, and genres where you’ll find those consumers in your own station- specific dashboard.

A real world example

Let’s say your advertiser is a luxury car dealer. Typically, this marketer only buys the very expensive Prime Time TV slots for reach. Using Lotame TV DMP, you can select from a trusted source of “Luxury Car Intenders” to find out which day parts and programs index highest on the stations you sell. The data may show a high index in other day parts, such as Late News Tuesday or Afternoon Daytime-Wednesday. Using this solution, TV networks can propose a plan that shifts the Dealer’s buy to more efficient units and open up Prime Time for other clients.

Of course, Lotame offers hundreds of pre-packaged audiences your advertisers are demanding just like In-Market for Foreign Automobile, Weekend Warriors, or Avid Podcast Listeners, and a whole lot more.

Campaign Execution and Measurement

We have you covered there, too! Once the campaign runs, Lotame TV DMP is able to show the total reach and on-target reach of the campaign over time and match it against other audience attributes to demonstrate the value you create for clients in a post-buy analysis.

Lotame’s relationships with Smart TV manufacturers and other providers of streaming video enables the collection and packaging of TV viewership audiences across the digital realm, too. Using Lotame’s robust set of integrations with industry-leading DSPs, SSPs, and audience-targeting tools, TV audience data, including viewers of specific programming, networks, genres, and more can be located and targeted across the digital universe. Targeting TV viewers on their laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets is the perfect complement to television advertising and helps to create “surround sound” advertising for your brand and agency clients.

Want more information on Lotame TV DMP? Reach out to tv@lotame.com for more information.

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