TubeMogul and Lotame Partner to Help Marketers Reach Their Target

January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013

TubeMogul, the only video marketing company built for branding, and Lotame, the leader in audience data management, announced a broad partnership today, designed to help video advertisers meet branding goals through more accurate targeting.

Under the terms of the deal and resulting integration, Lotame’s pre-packaged audience segments are now built-into TubeMogul’s media buying platform for video advertising. When setting up a new placement, advertisers can pick from over 140 Lotame-powered audiences, along with the exact sites and geographic regions where an ad will run. Existing Lotame DMP clients can also share custom audience segments directly into their TubeMogul accounts so they can easily target these audiences with their video advertising campaigns.

Designed to drive brand lift, Lotame’s Smart Data is backed by research across billions of data points and thousands of campaigns. Rather than using panel-based data, Lotame audience segments are based on declared and demonstrated demographic and behavioral data.

Michael Beach, Co-Founder of top political digital agency Targeted Victory, comments: “Lotame was a key partner in the creation of our Audience Targeting Platform, which combines voter registration file, remarketing and survey data to better reach voters with targeted ads. To be able to leverage that data seamlessly on TubeMogul’s video advertising platform, which really puts a marketer in the driver’s seat of their campaign, creates entirely new possibilities for persuading voters.”

The partnership gets marketers closer to a future in which they can precisely influence any audience, anywhere. As always, TubeMogul gives marketers total control over the exact sites and audiences that are seeing an ad at all times, letting marketers optimize based on real-time data. To quantify impact, marketers can leverage TubeMogul BrandSights, which precisely measures lift in message association, purchase intent and much more.

“Brands are sometimes skeptical of audience data for legitimate reasons, but Lotame took the right approach building around lifting branding metrics,” says Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul. “Marketers can test the results for themselves.”

“Accurate, scalable audience targeting is a critical component in successful branding campaigns,” says Andy Monfried, CEO at Lotame. “Combined with TubeMogul’s proven optimization, our audience data can help marketers put their video ads in front of whoever they choose.”