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Tribune Publishing Taps Lotame to Bring Its Data Strategy to the Next Level

Lotame announced today that Tribune Publishing (TPCO) has selected Lotame to advise on its data management and strategy moving forward. The partnership is the first of its kind for Lotame, with Tribune Publishing the first user of Lotame Strategic Services (LSS).

Lotame Strategic Services is a new way for publishers, agencies and advertisers to work with Lotame. With Strategic Services, Lotame can now support clients with the development and execution of their data strategy as part of a hands-on managed service. The new model enables customers to benefit from all that Lotame has to offer — from its resources to its experience to its technology, ensuring data success.

“Providing clients with direct access to the resources, experience and technology needed to drive success in their data strategies has always been a priority for Lotame,” said Andy Monfried, CEO & Founder, Lotame. “More than ever, publishers, agencies and brands are challenged with maximizing their data’s value and putting it into action to deliver meaningful results for their business. We’ve launched a brand-new way to work with Lotame — as a managed service that supports your business from data strategy development to execution and beyond.”

Research finds that audience data is still underleveraged by publishers, with few having created new or meaningful revenue. With marketers, more than half say one of the main roadblocks preventing them from making use of data is their insufficient in-house capabilities. For all these organizations, data strategy development, management and execution require sizable investments in talent and technology.

Enter Lotame Strategic Services — a hands-on, consultative model for delivering on a client’s business objectives for data. Lotame delivers a custom service package that meets client needs, and will also provide attribution capabilities for clients to evaluate the impact of their package. By offering data planning and strategy, technology, analytics and overall execution as a one-stop managed service, Lotame is empowering customers to maximize the value of their data, regardless of in-house resources.

“We saw a huge need for this in the DMP space and responded,” added Monfried. “Many customers who switched to us from other DMPs complained about not getting the support, service or strategy they needed. With Lotame Strategic Services, we’re now able to provide that, ensuring our clients are seeing the ROI, performance and value they deserve.”

Tribune Publishing, an American newspaper print and online media publishing company, is the first LSS user at launch. Formerly tronc, Inc., Tribune Publishing will unlock the value of Lotame Strategic Services and gain access to the comprehensive suite of services provided by Lotame across their multitude of properties.

“We are always working to get the most out of our audience data,” said Andrew Reale, SVP, Digital Business Operations at Tribune Publishing. “Data is the engine powering our ability to deliver more personalized, premium content to readers, as well as reach more niche audiences for our advertisers. Partnering with Lotame allows us to more effectively and efficiently manage and evaluate our data so that we can execute and monetize against it in the best possible ways.”

Lotame is the leading data solutions provider in the advertising and marketing industry. Its portfolio of products includes the leading independent data management platform (DMP), which enables companies to use data to build stronger connections with their consumers. Lotame also delivers the most widely used, trusted and comprehensive data exchange in the industry. Through its technology, Lotame helps its clients harness the power of data to fuel more relevant and personalized experiences across screens and devices, online and off.

To find out more about Lotame Strategic Services, visit https://www.lotame.com/about-lotame/lotame-strategic-services/