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TownNews.com adds data management capabilities to BLOX CMS

July 1, 2015

TownNews.com has signed a contract with an internationally respected data management provider to create a program that will help newspapers and radio and television stations better serve their audiences and advertisers.

“After a lengthy evaluation of our options, we chose Lotame as the best solution to enable us to add advanced data management capabilities to our existing digital publishing platform,” said Theresa Nelson, director of business development at TownNews.com. “Lotame is clearly a frontrunner amongst DMP providers and assisted us in shaping a solution that met the needs of our diverse customer base.”

The program—to be called TownNews.com iQ—will help media outlets segment their digital audiences for advertising, circulation, editorial, marketing and other purposes.

“Combining the power of industry-leading content and data management platforms will create a potent new toolset for TownNews.com’s clients,” said Alex Vlasto, Lotame’s senior vice president of marketing. “We’re seeing an increasing number of media owners starting to explore the potential of data-driven content personalization, and through this partnership TownNews.com has created a truly turnkey solution.”

TownNews.com customers will be able to use the iQ program to combine in-house user data with second- and third-party data to create highly targeted local and programmatic ad campaigns across all devices, dramatically boosting ad rates and customer satisfaction.

TownNews.com iQ will help media companies understand their audience for circulation and newsroom purposes. Individual readers can be shown customized advertising and content geared to their personal tastes and interests.

It will also enable TownNews.com to offer advertisers sophisticated audience extension programs.

“The iQ program will be integrated with TownNews.com’s BLOX Content Management System to offer content customization, recommendations and identify meaningful data points,” Nelson said. “The combination of a great CMS and world-class DMP will be powerful and valuable for all parties.”

“TownNews.com iQ should improve value for both our customers and our customers’ customers,” said Marc Wilson, chairman and CEO of TownNews.com. “Both advertisers and visitors will be better served.”

“The ability to collect, analyze and act on data reinforces our customers’ positions as the dominate local digital media source in their markets,” Wilson said.