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Top 6 Ways Publishers Can Use DMPs

July 28, 2018

A lot has been made lately about the benefits of a good data management platform for advertisers. But what about a data management platform for publishers? As a publisher, DMPs can benefit you tremendously with targeting your messaging and increasing campaign performance. The best DMP use for publishers can mean higher CPMs for programmatic and direct sold inventory. Here are a few ideas to consider regarding the DMP-publisher relationship.

1. Make Content More Relevant

As a publisher, you can use the DMP to enhance first-party data with third-party data. By using the information you gain, you can adjust your content to make it more appealing to your advertisers’ audiences. As the content becomes more relevant to a consumer, pageviews and time on site increase, and bounce rates decrease. Overall this translates into an increase in your advertising revenue as your websites become too important for advertisers to pass up.

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2. Help Make Your Advertisers Campaigns Perform Better

As a publisher, you are always creating innovative ways to increase ad revenue, interpreting your audience to produce content that they will enjoy, and generating content that exceeds your competitors. Using a DMP to organize and integrate data allows publishers to exceed limitations by implementing analytic insights to create copy that cannot go unnoticed.

With a DMP, publishers can maximize their advertisement campaigns to deliver a higher ROI. You can expand the audience of advertisers that may have previously overlooked and target groups that are most likely to engage. DMPs also help publishers adjust their campaigns based on clear data backed insights.

The more advertisers you get and the more successful they are, the better it is for you and your operation. Not all of your advertisers may be using the best DMP. For publishers, this is an opportunity. With Lotame’s DMP, you can optimize performance based on the specific KPI of your advertisers. One segment of data that you can be sure your advertisers are seeing is where their advertisements perform the best. Lotame systems provide you with a holistic understanding of your audiences with an option to combine your CRM with your online data. You can use this data to impress advertisers with your in-depth reporting and effective ad campaigns.

3. Create Global Appeal

Use your DMP to integrate your CMS and automatically deliver the content across your websites and apps that will appeal to your desired audiences. The compelling content you have generated will reach your target audiences and keep them on your page longer. You will have a site that attracts your high value consumers with increases your ROI and helps you meet your business goals.

4. Increase Value of Your Publication

As a publisher, you are a jack of all trades as you work to produce compelling content as well as strategize ad campaigns. A data management platform provides the ability to target more specific audiences and gain impressions from the market your advertisers want to reach. For example, let’s use the case of a golf club manufacturer. Rather than selling this advertiser ad placement on the Sports section of your site, you can build an audience of people interested in golf and integrate it on any section of your site. The golf manufacturer is now able to enjoy the benefits of not just receiving traffic, but traffic from strategically targeted consumers that are more likely to convert and use their services of products.

Through using a DMP you can create more options for your advertisers while also providing them targeted impressions from high value consumers. This strategy makes you an invaluable resource for advertisers who want to know that they are receiving the best ROI. You will not only attract advertisers for future ad campaigns, but retain clients from past campaigns. When your publication has a proven track record of increased ad revenue and the ability to customize audiences to advertisers needs, you can price your services to reflect your publications augmented value.

5. Build Lookalike Audiences

You’re trying to win a big advertising campaign but you don’t have enough data to show yet in your Request for Proposal. That would take many publishers out of the running, but not if you have the right DMP.

With your publisher DMP, you can use analytics tools to build lookalike audiences, creating a larger possible audience who are likely to engage with your campaign. Lookalikes are helpful when looking to increase campaign performance or increase the scale to fulfill an RFP’s requirements.

6. Bring in Non-Endemic Advertising

A good DMP can open whole new worlds of advertising possibilities for you as a publisher. The opportunity to integrate data sets and build custom audience segments breaks former confines. Endemic advertising is set within the boundaries of a natural fit of an ad placement on a website or media channel. These are, for example, ads about a beach vacation on the travel section of a website. Non-endemic advertising focuses on the consumer instead of the channel or location. The audience is target through insights made with data – what are the similarities or what are these people commonly looking for? You can show how your audience connects with products and services outside of the commonly perceived areas.

With a DMP you can build relationships with advertisers you may not have formed a relationship with because your site does not have a natural fit for their ad or industry. Publishers are able to use creative strategies with expansive options because of their DMP rather than limiting their placements to certain sections.

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Lotame loves to work with publishers, and we’re confident that publishers working with the right DMP can seriously boost their CPMs. Lotame’s DMP can do everything mentioned above for publishers and more. This data management platform for publishers can quickly pay for itself in the higher value CPMs it can help you obtain. If you’re a publisher and you want to find out how Lotame can work for you, start by taking a look at our case studies and demo today.

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Or, download our DMP Playbook for Publishers to learn how to maximize your ROI and get the most bang for your buck!

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