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Tiffany Morris to Speak at ANA Advertising Law & Policy Conference

March 3, 2019

Tiffany Morris, Lotame’s General Counsel, Vice President of Global Privacy & Corporate Secretary, will be speaking at the 2019 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference on Tuesday, March 19th. The topic of the panel is “A Mandate for Inclusion & Diversity.”

On January 27, 2019, general counsel from 170 companies representing retail, manufacturing, healthcare, software, publishing, life sciences, hospitality, financial services, and more (including Tiffany) published an open letter to the legal community expressing their disappointment that “many law firms continue to promote partner classes that in no way reflect the demographic composition of entering associate classes.”

Collectively, these companies annually spend hundreds of millions of dollars on outside legal services. In the letter, theses influential legal leaders announced that they will hire outside counsel from “law firms that manifest results with respect to diversity and inclusion.” This session, led by a panel of General Counsel who signed the letter, will address these critical issues and inform both inside and outside counsel of the commitments we must all make to assure a diverse and inclusive legal marketplace.

Panelists include:

  • Geri Haight, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Panera Bread, LLC (Moderator)
  • Elaine Divelbliss, General Counsel, Kargo
  • Su-Jin Lee, Vice President and General Counsel, POPSUGAR
  • Tiffany Morris, General Counsel, Vice President of Global Privacy & Corporate Secretary, Lotame Solutions

The 2019 ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference is taking on the challenge of providing in-house and outside counsel the tools they need help restore trust in an industry sorely in need of leadership at all levels, including within the legal community. Attendees will learn best practices, strategies, and tactics from the best legal minds in the business and top regulators at the federal and state levels. If you are in a decision-making role in your organization – or just want to be among those in the know on how to restore trust – this is a must-attend conference.