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The New State of Data: Quality Over Quantity with Lotame’s Chris Hogg

Lotame is sponsoring the Data in Marketing Track at Savage Marketing 2018 taking place June 13 – 14th in Amsterdam with Europe’s leading B2C brands and we hope you’ll be there to join us! Lotame’s Chris Hogg, Managing Director EMEA will be presenting The New State of Data: Quality Over Quantity at 12:30pm on Wednesday, June 13th on.

Savage Marketing recently caught up with Christo gather insights on how to act on first-party data, fully utilize a data management platform, and how marketers can integrate their corporate strategy to their data strategy.

S: Tell us a bit about Lotame and its goals for 2018?

CH: Lotame is proud to be considered the leading independent data management platform (DMP) combined with one of the largest global and most trusted third-party data exchanges. Committed to … Read More

S: Publishers and content creators swear by their first party data and most inferences are made from it. In your experience, how can publishers and marketers improve their content and customisation by incorporating 2nd party and 3rd party data?

CH: A customer’s first-party data remains the most valuable data at their disposal, and it is a key USP for any organisation. However, first-party data is rarely fully inclusive to support all use cases, attract all verticals, or meet all … Read More

S: WPP’s Martin Sorrell once claimed that in-house media buying is a temporary phenomenon. This is truly not the case when you look at Volkswagen’s Innovation Centre, Booking.com’s Data Science Team or Samsung’s CHIEL. What have you observed, especially around programmatic technology, data in marketing practices and the relationship between an agency and a ‘switched on’ client?

CH: We have seen more brands running their own vendor selection process. However, in most cases the agencies are still supporting their brand clients on programmatic and data strategies. The vast majority of brands don’t have the resources or people to onboard all marketing activities. Whilst agencies continue to deliver value in the supply chain they will continue to … Read More

S: AI’s true power lies in analysing data and making real-time decisions based on that information. Taking into account such factors as point of sale, social media, email, eCommerce, search, mobile and advertising, one business could easily generate trillions of data points — far too many to be processed manually. How can marketers complement their DMP by incorporating AI into its strategy?

CH: We have seen the adoption of machine learning and advanced data science techniques not only within marketers and agencies but also within publishers. Hiring in-house analysts and/or data scientists is going to be a must to stay competitive … Read More

Read the full interview here.

Don’t miss Chris’ presentation at Savage Marketing in Data in Marketing Track, The New State of Data: Quality Over Quantity on June 13th, 12:30-12:50pm. View the full agenda and reserve your seats now! Lotame will also have a table on the exhibition floor — be sure to top by and say hello!