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Target Lotame Audiences for All Stages of Life

We’re pleased to offer Lotame audiences for all stages of life — for students, job seekers, parents, home owners, retirement age, and more. Lotame’s data segments consist of self-declared and demonstrated behavioral data from unique publisher partners (not modelled or inferred). This yields accurate and scalable demographic, behavioral interest, and social influencer audience segments.

Lotame audiences to consider for all stages of life:

Lotame has the data segments you need for every stage of life

Note: Segment numbers above represent UK desktop and mobile only. Examples of popular custom builds are noted in color.

Let the Lotame Data Exchange Team know if you have any questions or if you’re looking for something custom in your region. Email us at datasales@lotame.com.

We can also make recommendations for second-party named data segments and data through our co-branded partners including Weve, Bombora, Skimlinks and Mobilewalla.