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Case Study: SpotX Leverages Lotame Syndicate to Increase Efficiency of Political Campaigns

June 6, 2016

SpotX, a leading video inventory management platform, leverages Lotame Syndicate to access unique political data segments to deliver over 95% of clients’ advertising spend and increase publishers’ revenue and yield.

“Political datasets, made available to us using Lotame Syndicate, increased efficiency so there were fewer wasted impressions and enhanced campaign performance by only targeting relevant users. Lotame Syndicate also allows us to assess overlap with segments to more accurately forecast available impressions.”

By leveraging the data provider’s political audience segments using Lotame Syndicate, SpotX was able to deliver over 95% of their advertisers’ political campaigns in full during recent U.S. election cycles. Ultimately, Lotame Syndicate’s simple and fast access to the right data provider’s datasets enabled SpotX to monetize more of their publishers’ high-quality video ad inventory.

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