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Data Management Platform

Data Monetization

Introducing Your Newest Revenue Stream

Publishers and media companies have a goldmine of audience data at their fingertips. Lotame's unstacked data solutions offer several methods to sell slices of this data, either directly to a buyer via Lotame Private Data Exchange (PDX), or anonymously aggregated with other data providers in pre-packaged segments in the Lotame Data Exchange. Through Lotame LAB, publishers and media companies can create 1st party audience segments that include different content or interest types, and the use Lotame’s turnkey PDX product to license select slices of those audiences to interested buyers (your 1st party data is a buyer’s 2nd party data). Lotame's data experts are always available to guide you through the development of this new revenue stream, including pricing and operations.

Monetize Your Data

Key Benefits
Ready Revenue

Meet high-end brands and agencies via a private sales and distribution channel

Secure Infrastructure

Onboard, organize and monetize your valuable data in a secure and centralized platform

On-Demand Data Expertise

Tap into our in-house expertise for support with marketing, positioning, pricing and more