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Shared Knowledge Leads to Shared Success

April 6, 2016

Ad tech is complex. There’s no way around it.

From pixels and cookies, to ad tags and ad calls, DMP success requires having people who really understand how all the pieces work together.

At Lotame, we’re experts at gathering, analyzing and helping you activate your data – it’s what we do, and knowledge sharing is a huge part of that process. When it comes to developing and executing data strategies, we’ve learned that some of the best examples and insights come directly from you. That’s why we’ve created more opportunities to learn from you – and for you to learn from each other.

Lotame Client Summit

The best example is our annual Client Summit.

Take clients from around the world, a few dozen partners, and Lotame team members from across the company, and you get a day full of insights, analysis, connections and most importantly – real knowledge sharing.

Whether it’s a panel about programmatic, a conversation that shows real examples of how someone has made a specific product work for them, or even just a deeper understanding of our product roadmap, the Lotame Client Summit offers multiple ways for clients to learn with and from each other.

You can check out more of the highlights from our last Summit here.

Product Advisory Councils

Presenting and discussing our product pipeline is a key part of the Lotame Client Summit – but we also think it’s important to get your input before we set off to add new tools, services and features to the platform.

That’s why we created our Product Advisory Councils, a way to formally incorporate client feedback into every stage of the product development process. We know data – but you know your business – and building off your knowledge helps us build better products for you. Council meetings take place around the world and are a vital tool for informing our product strategy and priorities.

MyLotame Knowledge Base

But what about when you’ve got a burning question about creating custom audience segments, or want a real-world example of how to leverage Lotame Cross-Device – and it happens to be 3am on a Tuesday?

Dive into the MyLotame Knowledge Base, where the knowledge sharing continues.

We’ve pooled many of the insights from our Summits and webinars into a constantly updated knowledge base. Alongside this content, there’s also a vibrant discussion forum where you can search an archive of topics and start your own discussions. It’s knowledge sharing on your own terms – and yes, it’s available even into the wee hours of the morning.

There’s so much competition for customer time, attention and money, and being data-savvy is a must if you want to earn your share. Thankfully, when it comes to opportunities to learn how to succeed (and share those learnings), Lotame has got you covered.