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The Secret Lives of Connected Football Fans

The big game is just around the corner, and marketers have been hard at work on their ads to come up with the most clever, entertaining ads for Sunday’s big game. Lotame’s been hard at work on our own football research, and we’re proud to share it with you today.

As advertising prices soared this year, advertisers are paying over $5 million for a 30-second spot! Lotame has taken a deep dive into our audience segments on Football Fans and have produced a new report: The Secret Lives of Connected Football Fans. The infographic highlights a few of the learnings from this report, but the full report is available for download as well.

Download The Full Report on Football Fans!

Football Fans

View the Infographic on The Secret Lives of Football Fans

Football fans infographic

The full report will take a deep dive into the lives of Connected Football Fans, including:

  • Football Audiences: Who are they?
  • Politics: Which side do they lean?
  • Brand Loyalty: Which brands are football fans most likely to connect with during the big game?
  • Action Steps: How can marketers capitalize on these insights?

Download The Full Report on Football Fans!

Who will those high-paying advertisers be? Will it be Ford, Honda, or Toyota, football fan favorites? Will there be a Mexican restaurant or food manufacturer among the crowd? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, download the full report to learn more about Football Fans.

Lotame’s data mining services are available as a managed service to any marketer, agency or publisher who is looking for more information on a particular audience. If you’d like to see a similar report on your audiences, contact us to set up a time to talk.