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Scientific Publisher Automates Data Collection

A popular scientific publisher is an enviable position: they have a plethora of very detailed content and millions of active users around the world. In fact, their content is almost too detailed. For each scientific article published, the publisher collects dozens of keywords related to the field of science covered. The publisher was looking for a way to streamline the collection of this information and the building of audiences to enable accurate targeting to its advertisers, without devoting hundreds of hours combing through all the information collected.

Lotame Solution:

  • Rest APIs for Automatic Data Collection & Organization: 
    The platform uses Lotame’s APIs to integrate the creation of behaviors into their detailed hierarchy, so behaviors are automatically categorized and placed into aggregated hierarchy nodes. This makes it very easy for their team to create targets and use the aggregated nodes for targeted advertising, with enough scale to fulfill the campaigns.
  • Automatic Audience Creation:
    For the hierarchy nodes they create, they also used the APIs to trigger the automatic creation of audiences. This means people have to log into the DMP less frequently, and audiences are ready to go when they need them for specific advertisers. Not only are the audiences already built, but they have already been running and collecting data, meaning increased audience size and scale.

Real Results:

  • Today, 95% of the 50,000 behaviors collected are already categorized
  • 1% of these have been categorized manually, compared with 94% automated
  • The publisher estimates that they save an average of 18 hours of time per month by using the APIs to automate their work
  • While they used to have to log in to the DMP every other day to clean up the categorization of their behaviors, this is now automatic
  • Employees on the targeting team can focus on important tasks rather than on operational chores

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