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RTL Belgium Qualifies their Audience with Qualifio’s Lotame Integration

Qualifio and Lotame are proud to announce their first integration for RTL Belgium. Thanks to this innovative partnership, the Belgian TV and radio group will now be able to leverage the large traffic generated by Qualifio interactions to offer more qualified audience segments to its advertisers.

The more than forty interactive formats created with the Qualifio platform by RTL’s digital teams, including quizzes, competitions, tests, and animated games, generate a large amount of fresh and qualitative data about its online audiences. Based on the information gathered from these interactions, RTL Belgium will be able to automatically push this data into Lotame’s data management platform (DMP), and combine it with other first- and third-party data sources for a more complete understanding of their consumers. This new source of data will allow RTL Belgium to build more qualified audience segments for their advertisers for more accurate targeting and increased campaign performance.

Sabrina Bakalli, CRM Manager at RTL Belgium, explains: “We are very enthusiastic about this new integration. Qualifio is already integrated with our Single Sign-On, and now we will also be able to capitalize on every interaction launched on our sites to build or feed our segments in Lotame.”

Christopher Hogg, Lotame’s EMEA Managing Director, adds: “We are proud to be bringing more innovative solutions to our customers to seamlessly source quality, first-party data that can be easily accessible within our DMP. Our integration with Qualifio enables RTL to collect and activate against declared data sets that would not be available without this unique collaboration. We look forward to seeing more companies tap into this new stream of first-party data pulled from interactive research.”