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Retailers Guide to Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

March 14, 2019

Retailers collect mountains of data about their customers, including online & offline purchase data, loyalty shopper data, social and search data, or anonymous online data gathered from your website visitors. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are used by marketers across every industry, including retailers, to collect this data in one place and turn it into audience insights that can be used to inform your marketing plans and help drive campaign performance and increase sales.

No matter where you are in the DMP process, this document can help to ensure you are extracting the maximum value from your data. It will also give you a strong foundation to help you & your team succeed with your data strategy. This DMP Playbook for Retailers covers:

  •  Understanding the Need for DMP: Exploring the different types of data available, how they should be collected, organized and built into audiences to precisely reach your intended targets
  • DMP Use Case Guide for Retailers: Audience Segmentation, Cross-Channel Insights, Lookalike Modeling, Experience Personalization, Identifying Your Best Customers, and Omnichannel Targeting are just a few of the use cases covered
  • Tips for Success with the DMP: This section should be self-explanatory. Learn how to get more bang for your buck!

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