Three Ways Data Can Drive Better Content Marketing

Marketers have gone crazy for content… and for good reason. From site content and photos, to recipes, ebooks, videos and blogs — content drives interest, and interest drives sales. So how can marketers make the most of their existing content assets — or figure out how to create better content using the resources they have?

By leveraging data.

Nine out of 10 marketers say personalization is the future of marketing — and data is key to creating the personalized experiences that consumers demand. Brands and retailers are sitting on a goldmine of data — like page views, clicks, purchase behavior and even app downloads — that can be used to do just that. Here’s how:

1. Optimize Your Existing Content Tools

Lotame can help you harness data to make your existing content-focused marketing channels more effective. For example, a luxury auto brand might use Lotame’s DMP to discover that in-market buyers consistently spend time with the finance calculator tools on its site. The brand can then use this insight to put more financing related information into email and social campaigns that target these in-market buyers. By leveraging data in this way, existing marketing assets become more personalized and relevant.

2. Supercharge Your CMS

You have site visitors that are already interested in your products and services — why not figure out what content actually makes them tick? Integrating a DMP with your content management system (CMS) gives you the ability to understand who your core visitors are, and then create customized content that keep them on your site longer, increasing the likelihood of a purchase and helping to drive brand loyalty.

3. Avoid Redundancy

How many times have you visited one of your favorite sites, only to be greeted with the same ad for a product you’re no longer interested in? The answer: More times than you can count.

Avoiding redundant messaging is a huge component of content personalization. And as more people move between mobile, desktop and the web, your messages need to feel native and unique to each platform.

Lotame can help you segment and deliver fresh ads to users based on their interests, their purchase histories, and even the type of device they use.

Send a user a mobile coupon for a product they just viewed on desktop, for example, or target a user who has abandoned her online shopping cart with a social ad containing a “Buy Now” button that makes the buying process seamless.

Personalization is the future, but that future is approaching faster than you think. If you want to win—and keep—customers, you need to view personalization as more than just the cherry on top. It’s a key ingredient in your content marketing mix. And a well thought through data strategy is the engine that will drive success.

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