It’s Not Personal, It’s Business. Shouldn’t It Be Both?

There has long been a divide in the school of thought between consumer and business marketing. The industry has been split between two very different camps: B2C and B2B.  There was no cross-over or middle ground. It was A or B.

This staunch dichotomy created a marketing environment that inadvertently assigned real people multiple personas. The separation makes sense if you only consider the product and sales cycle differences between the two.

When you look beyond those factors and think of buyers as individuals, a different story emerges.  Just because someone is at work doesn’t mean they completely disassociate from their home life. And, people don’t always leave work at the office, especially now in our always-connected world where we are a click away from a work-related email.

Is it possible for marketing to bridge the gap and let go of preconceived notions?

Traditionally, B2B marketing focused on organizations represented by individuals spending company dollars. B2C marketing targets individuals who are buying for themselves with personal resources.

All marketers see the value in using data in their targeting efforts. The evolution of people-based marketing which can be considered the consumer counterpart to account-based marketing is the proof of a data driven approach taking over the approach of reaching the general audiences.

Data is the key to recognize a person in their entirety – their professional persona in conjunction with their consumer persona. By doing so this suddenly reveals the CFO responsible for making big ticket buying decisions for a company is also the frugal dad trying to find the best vacation option for his family.

Combining firmographic data with demographic data offers complete insights into the work-life balance that exists within everyone. The ability to combine B2B and B2C data to eliminate missing behaviors or attributes can help brands achieve the holy grail of marketing: to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. And that’s not just business, it’s personal.

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Written by Ben Goldman, VP, Digital Data Solutions & Partnerships at Infogroup