It’s Your Data – It Should Be 100% Portable

A DMP sits at the center of the advertising ecosystem. It gives you insights and analysis of your audience, your campaign performance, and the value of your content. And yet without a way to deliver the data to other platforms that can serve the ads and match the data to a desired performance action – it’s all kind of a wasted effort.

That’s why at Lotame, we’ve set up integrated partnerships with every major activation channel – from DSPs, ad exchanges, ad servers and networks, through to SSPs and CMS platforms.

We’ve built server to server (S2S) and API integrations with these platforms to help ensure that you can actually do amazing things with your data. We’ve worked from day one to give you maximum data portability – so your data goes wherever you go.

Some of our partnerships include:



Maximum Data Portability for Maximum Value

It’s not just about the quantity of activation partners we offer – it’s about how easy it is to get your data to them in a format that they require. That’s why we’ve built simple export functionality into our DMP, so that data can be transferred into and out of our platform as seamlessly as possible.

Choose any media source you want. That’s 100% data portability.

It’s your data. You have the right to control it, share it and use it how you see fit. We’re happy to advise you, but with the growing list of activation partners we offer, you have every opportunity to make your data work for you.