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Pureprofile Partners with Lotame DMP to Expand its Profile Base

October 8, 2015

Pureprofile has entered into a partnership with Lotame to license its global data management platform (DMP).

The agreement will allow Pureprofile to expand its profile base by millions and will increase its consumer profiling capabilities by harnessing first-party data, such as purchase intent and search preferences across websites, apps and ad campaigns.

It supports Pureprofile’s ‘unclaimed profile’ strategy to open up profiling to a wider audience by enabling the company to target non-Pureprofile members based on their behaviour.

The DMP will enable Pureprofile to collect information from core parts of its business, including its programmatic trading business, which will further capture millions of new profiles and enrich them with Pureprofile’s proprietary demographic, lifestyle and purchase intent data.

Purprofile’s strategic goal is to include the consumer and enable them to claim their profiles to help drive their own advertising experience. By creating a marketplace that is beneficial to both the individual, publisher and the advertiser, consumers can determine the advertising that is most relevant to them, and the advertiser benefits from a more engaged user via relevance and control.

CEO Paul Chan says:

“This partnership accelerates our ability to create a growing number of profiles globally. Lotame’s DMP enables us to create millions of unclaimed profiles by scaling our profiling capabilities, as well as combining vast data sources to enrich these profiles and build up a rich picture of each individual consumer. The result is we can unlock new ways to use and monetise this data to deliver finely-tuned, increasingly-personalised advertising campaigns for our clients.”

Pureprofile will integrate self-reported and behavioural data and activate it via the Lotame platform to create valuable target groups, which brands can use to deliver more effective and highly-targeted marketing campaigns. Pureprofile will be able to constantly optimise Programmatic campaign performance, for example by connecting with a representative sample of people who have been exposed to a campaign in order to determine its effectiveness and further improve its success.

Ian Curd, Lotame Commercial Director ANZ, says:

“Pureprofile is clearly different from other marketing campaign and insights companies. It puts the consumer first when developing programmatic media solutions. We’re excited to be providing our DMP platform and its capabilities to an Australian success story like Pureprofile.”


About Pureprofile (ASX. PPL)
Pureprofile is an established marketing, insights and technology company that provides a platform for consumers to share personal, preference and intent information in exchange for rewards. Since 2002, Pureprofile has enabled individuals worldwide to create, manage and enrich their online profiles via simple web and mobile apps, and has helped them monetize this information by connecting them to global brands, publishers and advertisers.

About Lotame
Lotame is a data management platform (DMP) that lets marketers, agencies and publishers harness audience data to make smarter marketing, product and business decisions. Through its platform, clients can learn more about their most valuable customers, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute ad campaigns and content strategies that target them across any digital device.