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Pubmatic Partners with Lotame

April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

PubMatic, the digital media platform company for publishers, today announced a new partnership with Data Management Platform (DMP) Lotame. PubMatic and Lotame’s partnership represents the first fully-integrated offering of its kind to provide users with a comprehensive view of audience data from any source while reducing complexity and giving publishers greater control over segmentation. Publishers can now utilize a wider range of information to establish exclusivity and create personalized data sets to run highly customizable advertising campaigns across key channels. Upgrades include:

  • Earn Higher CPMs: Target valuable audience segments and improve campaign performance
  • Enable Cross-Channel Marketing: Offer more robust ad packages to increase revenue
  • Scale Audiences Effectively: Implement third-party data from leading brand providers
  • Increase Visitor Engagement: Personalize content on an individual impression basis
  • Monetize Data: Opt-In to the data marketplace to sell segments anonymously

“This partnership further emphasizes our commitment to providing our publishers with exclusive data that creates the most meaningful and personalized interactions with their audience,” said Kirk McDonald, President of PubMatic. “Data is the gateway to the publishing ecosystem, and our partnership with Lotame will elevate the user experience and increase the percentage of dynamic engagements on an impression-by-impression basis.”

By integrating with Lotame’s DMP, publishers will be better equipped to organize and leverage comprehensive data acquired from user interactions across multiple platforms, including: websites, mobile devices, CRM platforms, offline, and points of purchase. Publishers can more efficiently collect audience data from user interactions across digital properties, organize that data into behavioral categories, and provide actionable solutions to run targeted campaigns against specific audiences. With PubMatic, publishers can leverage their specific, proprietary audiences to drive premium programmatic sales in Private Marketplaces (PMP) and in Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

This platform integration looks to address the ad tech industry’s increasing movement towards programmatic buying and selling of advertising inventory. The combination of high-volume, relevant data and dynamic tools such as Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and Private Marketplace (PMP) will further guarantee the efficient transaction of premium impressions on a highly personalized basis. As Real-Time Bidding (RTB) identifies and targets specific audiences, providing publishers with an integrated data platform and strategic sales platform delivers a unique value proposition to drive more targeted sales opportunities and leverage the rise of audience-based buying.

“Content creators across industries are looking for better opportunities to create exclusivity and customize packages towards a diverse range of audiences,” said Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO of Lotame. “The ability to bring additional assets to the table that are truly unique and proprietary is the foundation behind our partnership with PubMatic, and we’re enthusiastic about building on the collaboration to drive adoption.”