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Publisher’s Guide to Content Customization with a DMP

August 30, 2018

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) have been used by publishers and media companies for years to improve advertising effectiveness by fueling behaviorally targeted ads, but the applications for DMPs extend far beyond the world of advertising. Advanced publishers today are using DMPs to deliver the most relevant content and personalized experiences to consumers, to increase time on site and pageviews, while decreasing bounce rates. But how do you actually accomplish this? Introducing the Publisher’s Guide to Content Customization.

This guide walks you through the many personalization applications, which when used correctly, can help to:

  • Improve Editorial Strategy
  • Increase Visitor Time on Site and Pageviews
  • Decrease Bounce Rates
  • Build Brand Loyalty

Lotame has created this Guide to Content Customization to help publishers and media companies get started with personalization using the audience data you already have at your fingertips. Download the guide to get started today:

Looking for more tips & tricks on how to increase revenue, monetize your data, and put your audience data to work for you? Check out our DMP Playbook for Publishers (we have different versions for Agencies and Marketers as well) for more guidance from our team of data experts.