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Syndicate Seller

Generate New Revenue Streams

As a publisher, you know how valuable your first party data is to you and your advertisers. But, have you considered the value it might bring to other brands, agencies and data buyers? Lotame's Syndicate Seller offers publishers an opportunity to become data sellers and generate new revenue streams, connecting them directly with brands, agencies and other participating buyers.

Lotame gives you complete control over which slices of your data to transform into sellable audience segments, who can buy those segments, how it is priced, and any other commercial terms by connecting you directly with buyers. We also facilitate the activation of your syndicated segments with the buyers’ media platforms, and can handle full end-to-end tracking, billing and settlement with popular DSPs.

Key Benefits
New Revenue Stream

Monetize your data without selling your data on the open marketplace

Maintain Control

Sellers determine what data is shared, for how long, and at what price

Unparalleled Service

Self-service automation offers immediate access for data transactions, while Lotame handles the billing

What is 2nd-party data?

Second-party data is someone else’s first party data that you can access directly from that source. There is no data aggregator or other “middleman” in the exchange of second-party data. Through a direct relationship with the owner of the first-party data, you are able to define exactly what data is being bought or sold, the price of the data, and any other commercial terms you may require.

Which companies are selling data through Syndicate?

There are currently dozens of companies selling second-party data through Lotame Syndicate. Check out the Syndicate Marketplace to see a sample of the current participants. Not all sellers are listed on this webpage, as some prefer to stay unlisted. Contact Lotame if you are looking for a type of data that isn't listed there.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to tell you more about Syndicate and the power of 2nd-party data! Check out the
Syndicate Marketplace to see a sample of the current participants. Or contact us to learn more.

Real Results
Case Study
Goby Increases CTR 90% with Second-Party Data
February 3, 2018

Goby is changing the way retailers, brands and marketers view and access data, by combining the power of search-based intent data with display advertising. They are paving the way to success with data-driven advertising, with the help of high-quality, niche second-party data sources.

Working with Syndicate Seller, Lotame's second-party data marketplace, Goby was able to increase CTR for their campaigns 90%.