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Get to Know Your Audience

Insights is a powerful tool in Lotame’s DMP that allows you to gain visibility into the behavioral attributes that make up campaign interactions, and learn how those attributes influence the consumer’s path to conversion. Whether you’re focused on clicks, conversions, or another KPI, Insights shows the overlap of specific audience behaviors and the actions you are tracking for success.

We understand that no two conversion funnels are the same. Whether you have one simple path to purchase, or you have dozens of varying length and complexity, Insights is flexible enough to track, report, and optimize the audience targeting at every step. Use the information from Insights to change your audience targets and increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

Extend Audiences

Create lift and extend reach with specific targeted behaviors

Deeper Analytics

Refine audiences with real-time data, observations and analyses

Improve Performance

Identify highest performing segments to improve campaign performance

Reduce Ad Waste

Target ads only at consumers who are most likely to convert

Save Time

Avoid manually adding pixels in order to collect event-level data from a campaign

Drive Data Portability

Export insights easily with a single click in the DMP interface

What is Insights?

Insights is an analytics tool inside Lotame’s data management platform (DMP) that offers users a deeper dive into the behavioral attributes of a campaign, and how those attributes affect performance. Insights delivers campaign performance metrics, robust campaign monitoring capabilities and decision tools for improving campaign performance. This powerful analytical tool combines audience-level data, granular behavior data, campaign level and impression level data from manually created campaigns, ad server reporting and log files and dissects the data to drive campaign optimization and targeting decisions.

How does Insights help discover new audiences?

By selecting a desired interaction to track, Insights shows the overlap for that interaction with a specific audience or behavior, so you can see other audiences that are most likely to complete your initial goal. By bringing these new look-alike audiences to the surface, you can create more effective targeted advertising campaigns.

How can I know which audiences or behaviors are best for a particular campaign or client?

Insights helps you to gain visibility into the behavioral attributes that make up campaign interactions, as well as how those attributes contribute to the performance of each step along a consumer’s path to conversion. If for example you are focused on identifying anyone who clicks on a particular ad, Insights will identify which audience segments are most likely to click on the ad. By bringing these attributes/behaviors to the surface, Insights is painting a clear picture as to which audiences should be optimized for specific campaign goals. You can then use the information gathered from Insights to change your targeting criteria and influence performance.

What is the difference between Insights and Audience Optimizer?

Insights offers campaign tracking and reporting to help users identify key performance drivers for their campaigns. By comparing the affinity or high-performing users against other audience segments and behaviors, Insights identifies look-alike audience segments that can be targeted in future campaigns. Audience Optimizer, on the other hand, provides advanced modeling capabilities allowing users to create lookalike audiences using a sophisticated, verified, machine-learning system to maximize audience impact. While Insights offers users the ability to manually optimize campaigns by adding or removing specific segments based on their performance, Audience Optimizer has automated this process.

Can I share Insights reporting with my clients or coworkers?

Yes! Reporting is available inside the Lotame DMP with standard sharing capabilities, just as the audience profile reports do.

How can I learn more about Insights?

We would love to show you a demo of Insights and all the awesome analytics it can show you about your audience data. Contact us at info@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!

Real Results
Case Study
Accuweather Increases Ad Revenue 275% with Lotame

“From the Lotame data management platform, including Lotame Insights, we were able to easily identify the valuable 'auto-intender segment' and tailor our weather product messaging to keep those members engaged and deliver new ad products targeted specifically to them.”

Director, Advertising Strategy & Audience Development, AccuWeather

What Our Clients Say About Lotame

"I am very impressed at the speed and ease at which deeply insightful audience profiles can be built in Lotame and seamlessly activated for targeted advertising."
- Ron Ramaiya, Head of Enterprise Analytics & Insights, Seven West Media