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Bringing Audience Intelligence to Television & Video

TV buying and selling is no longer limited to age and gender. Lotame can help you plan and measure ad campaigns using rich, behavioral digital and viewership data with Audience Intelligence for Television and Video (aiTV). aiTV bridges the gap in television advertising by bringing audience targeting options, once only available in digital channels, to both broadcasters and advertisers. Backed by our robust television planning and measurement tools, aiTV can help your sales teams and executives to analyze, plan, sell, measure, and validate the effectiveness of your advertisers’ television campaigns.

Key Benefits
Deeper Insights

Learn more about your audience by program, genre, and daypart beyond age and gender

Increase Revenue

Networks use audience insights to sell all available inventory, not just primetime

Customized Measurement

Measure the delivery and reach of campaigns against their desired audiences

Precise Targeting

Superior targeting even in smaller markets, fueled by millions of TV viewership data points

Optimize Value

Reach the audience you want on TV & Digital, beyond age & gender targeting

Cross-Screen Attribution

Understand the link between TV buys and in-store or online sales

What’s Lotame’s connection to TV?

At Lotame, we noticed a missing link in the world of television advertising buying. From our years of experience working with the world’s largest brands and agencies – and our roots in audience tracking, targeting, and analysis in the digital realm – we realized the rich, insightful consumer data that marketers have come to know and love in digital was conspicuously absent in television, particularly at the local level. So we set out to change that, and aiTV was born.

How does Lotame combine TV and other data sources?

Lotame maintains relationships with TV manufacturers to ingest linear TV viewership data at scale across all 210 DMAs, providing adequate reach to specific audiences at a local level. This anonymous, PII-free data is fed into our proprietary Cross-Device technology to link TV to other device data.

What audience attributes can I use in my planning?

Lotame was a pioneer bringing rich targeting options to the digital ecosystem, including behavioral and psychographic data points, past purchase behavior and purchase intent, and, of course, all the demographic and geographic data points. Now Lotame is bringing those same profiles and audience segments to television sales planning. Just enter the audience or audiences your advertisers wish to reach, and Lotame aiTV will report on the programs, dayparts, and genres where you’ll find those consumers in your own station.

How can I reach the TV audiences online?

Lotame has collected and packaged these same Smart TV viewership audiences available to add to your digital audiences. These audiences include viewers of specific programs, networks, and genres, which can be combined with other data for targeting across the digital universe. Targeting TV viewers on their laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets is the perfect complement to television advertising and helps to create “surround sound” advertising for your brand and agency clients.

What is aiTV: Platform?

The aiTV: Platform, which is essentially a Data Management Platform brought to Television & Video, unifies TV viewership data with the world of digital data. This allows for television networks to develop a deeper understanding of their audience data, optimizing inventory and increasing linear sales revenue.

What is aiTV: Attribution & Insights?

aiTV: Attribution & Insights is a managed service that offers clients a deeper view into their TV campaigns. With aiTV: Attribution & Insights, clients can go beyond the basic post-buy report to see if their campaigns are driving the KPI’s they care about most - foot traffic, online purchases, website visits, and offline purchases.

What are aiTV: SmartTV Data Segments?

Lotame’s relationships with Smart TV manufacturers and other providers of streaming video enables the collection and packaging of TV viewership audiences across the digital realm, too. Using Lotame’s robust set of integrations with industry-leading DSPs, SSPs, and audience-targeting tools, TV audience data, including viewers of specific programming, networks, genres, and more can be located and targeted across the digital universe.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to show you a demo of the aiTV! Contact us at info@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!

What Our Clients Say About Lotame

"The high points for me in working with Lotame are without a doubt the service, training and attention we receive as a partner. I find the system easy to use and understand, and am pleased with the flexibility and integrations offered. Lotame is developing new innovations all the time, and they are honestly central to our data monetization strategy. "
- David Domitrovic, Senior Sales Engineer, VerticalScope