Lotame PDX
for Sellers

Find the Right Partners to Grow Revenue

Lotame PDX makes it easy and advantageous for premium publishers, media companies and even brands to meet, make private deals, and share data with high-end buyers. You control what data to monetize, how it can be used, at what price and to whom. Lotame PDX enables you to sell your audience segments within the Lotame platform or directly to a buyer’s DSP account. Lotame’s on-demand data expertise guides you through what data sells and how to negotiate terms. Plus we can handle full end-to-end tracking, billing, and reporting.

Key Benefits

  • READY REVENUE: Meet high-end buyers via a private sales and distribution channel.

  • SECURE INFRASTRUCTURE WITH NO TECH LIFT: Onboard, organize and monetize your valuable data in a secure and centralized platform. Easily create first-party segments and push to DSPs with automation. We’ll even handle billing and payments.

  • ON-DEMAND DATA EXPERTISE: Tap into our in-house expertise for support with marketing, positioning, pricing and more.


Which companies sell data via Lotame Private Data Exchange?

How do you vet and verify data partners?

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