Beyond the Cookie Part 2 Identity Testing & Adoption Among Industry Players Get Access Now

Panorama ID Testing & Implementation

Though Google has delayed the deprecation of the third-party cookie until 2023, around 40% of the global market has already done away with them (Safari and Firefox). Now is the perfect time to start or continue testing identity solutions, as you’re able to compare cookie vs. cookieless environments. We welcome you to implement and test Lotame Panorama ID, our global people-based, privacy-compliant identity solution for the open web. It’s free to use and interoperable with all other ID solutions. 

Learn how Dr. Martens and Digo Hispanic Media drove increased reach and engagement at a lower cost with Lotame Panorama ID.


Start testing today!


  1. If you manage Prebid directly, add the Lotame Panorama UserID Module to your Prebid service. No contract required.
  2. If you use a Prebid service like PubMatic, OpenWrap, Relevant Yield, or Magnite Demand Manager, work with your contact to deploy the Lotame UserID module.

For Lotame clients:

  1. Implement Lotame’s Lightning Tag to offer first-, second-, and third-party audiences across all browsers and domains. https://my.lotame.com/t/83hxvnt/basic-lightning-tag-implementation.
  2. Request addendum to turn on our ID graph for your sites and watch uniques increase.
  3. Activate Lotame Panorama UserID Module within Prebid.org’s Header Bidder Solution. No contract required. https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/modules/userId.html#lotame-panorama-id


  1. The Panorama ID is available for targeting today in Adform and MediaMath. 
  2. Marketers can also use Pubmatic Deal IDs powered by Panorama ID in multiple DSPs and via deal IDs into multiple SSPs. Contact us for more info. 

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Have additional questions or need more support? Contact us at panoramaid@lotame.com.