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Our Biggest Pivot

May 31, 2018

This post was written by Andy Monfried, Lotame’s Founder & CEO.


12 years.

12 years is the amount of time we have continued to learn, evolve, execute, and deliver on a data management and activation software for our partners and clients. A considerable amount of time to adjust and innovate what we do and how we do it.

In 2011, we shuttered a large line of business. Some called it a pivot. I called it a necessity. That year we walked away from tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, and I have never looked back.

At Lotame, we have continued to evolve to consistently provide a truly “best in breed” technology, alongside award-winning support and service.

We enable any company to leverage customer data from any source for a variety of use cases – all of which drive defined results.

The results range from activation and personalization, to monetization – all promoting a better consumer experience along the way.

To that end, I want the customers of Lotame to engage with us in a manner that will drive a better and more profitable customer experience for their business. I want to remove the chance of failure for anyone engaging with Lotame.

Why would a company today fail at succeeding with a DMP or data strategy?

Here are a few reasons:

  •      Lack of overall strategy
  •      Strong corporate strategy, but lack of internal talent
  •      Competing needs for limited resources
  •      High turnover of employees to manage software
  •      No collective ownership

At Lotame, we are taking all of these (and many more) customer scenarios into account, and changing how we operate, and support customers – in other words, we are responding to your realities – to drive a successful engagement for any person, company, or partner that chooses to work with us.

Lotame Strategic Services is our answer.

Lotame Strategic Services, simply put, eliminates all the reasons any organization could perhaps fail with their data strategy. It puts people, strategy, and execution BEFORE software.

Lotame Strategic Services offers:

  •      People as a Service
  •      Resources as a Service
  •      Deliverables as a Service
  •      Strategy as a Service
  •      Execution as a Service

All which help define “Success as a Service.”

You see, for too long, too many companies have sold “Software as a Service.”

But companies change. Technology changes. People Change. Strategies Change.

And software cannot intuitively adapt to these individual corporate changes.  

We will help solve for that. Lotame’s people will lead with delivering on success, no matter what obstacles your business might face. While others continue to push their software, we will focus on delivering defined objectives.

Data, in its most simple form, is about people. What we seek to learn about people, how we seek to engage them, and how we hope to adapt our businesses to them.

Lotame Strategic Services will deliver and execute on client goals and objectives.

While goals and objectives may continually change and be updated – our Lotame success strategists will be here to help execute and deliver for all of our partners, big and small.

Lotame Strategic Services is now available to deliver upon the promise of what a true platform partner should deliver for clients: “success as a service.”

Want to learn more? Contact us to set up a time to talk.