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Lotame and Optimizely Partner for Content Optimization

Partnership offers clients a powerful combination of audience data management and web optimization tools

Lotame today announced it has partnered with Optimizely, the leading global website optimization platform, to provide Lotame’s marketer and publisher clients a seamless way to facilitate website content optimization and personalization within Lotame’s data management platform (DMP).

Through the partnership, Lotame will integrate its rich audience data segments with Optimizely’s A/B and multivariate testing platform that delivers actionable insights into visitor behavior. Lotame’s clients will have a unique combination of innovative DMP and website optimization tools that they can use to easily satisfy consumer demand for rich, relevant and personalized content.

“We have always believed it’s crucial for marketers and publishers to be able to seamlessly optimize content to match consumer interests,” said Doug Pollack, Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Lotame. “Our integration with Optimizely’s core testing capabilities sets a new standard to deliver the most optimized content to the right audiences.”

Lotame recently implemented the combined offering with Targeted Victory, the leader in online advertising, mobile communications and social networking for political candidates and causes. Targeted Victory uses Lotame’s DMP as a central portal to monitor everything that is happening across all of their websites, email campaigns, online advertising, and social media applications.

“The combination of A/B testing and audience segmentation is a powerful and intuitive one,” said Michael Beach, Co-Founder of Targeted Victory. “During the 2012 election, we used Optimizely to deliver fundraising and email signup results. Now, with the ability to segment and test a variety of audiences, we can optimize data-driven content to deliver the most compelling messaging to every group of voters that campaigns are counting on.”

The partnership with Optimizely is the latest example of Lotame’s position as the largest and fastest growing independent pure-play DMP. Lotame will continue to innovate and expand on its core DMP offering, delivering a seamless way for marketers and publishers to consistently reach and engage individuals online.