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NLOM Increases Performance 300%

Next Level Online Media (NLOM) is an Australian specialist online advertising agency, focused on online media buying, customer journey (attribution), analytics and data intelligence. They were looking for additional insight and behaviors of consumers between their brands, as well as a better understanding of how they could use display to build awareness and mitigate the bot issue.

Lotame Solution: 

  • Data Management Platform (DMP): Next Level Online Media worked with Lotame’s DMP to collect customer data from campaigns for the numerous brands they work with, enabling them to build target audiences for each campaign and adjust the campaign targets on the fly.
  • Audience Profile Reports: These APR reports offered insights into who the audience was, which they used to adjust their audience targeting. They include demographics, interests, and behaviors of each audience.
  • Creative Content Personalization: With these additional insights from the Audience Profile Reports (APRs), Next Level Online Media was able to adjust their creative assets to speak to the audience based on their attributes and behaviors.

Real Results: 

  • Increase of CTR across all display campaigns, some up to a 300% increase
  • Conversions also increased, despite the previous belief that display did not convert
  • Using the insights provided by the APRs, Next Level Online Media took these learnings and replicated targeting across Facebook and Instagram, which saw similar increases of conversions and CTR!

Lotame works with agencies, publishers and marketers around the world, in every industry, to help them increase campaign performance similar to Next Level Online Media. If you’d like to learn more about how Lotame’s platform can help deliver valuable audience insights about your consumers, so you can increase campaign performance across screens and platforms, contact us. We’d love to show you a demo of our platform and talk data strategy so you can have amazing campaign performance just like NLOM.

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