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Mobile is Key to Lotame’s Data Management Platform

May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

Data-driven leader Lotame today announced the launch of a Unifying Data Management Platform for publishers and marketers. This Unifying DMP transforms Lotame’s flagship Data Management Platform into an enterprise engine that collects, organizes and activates all kinds of data, including data from increasingly popular mobile devices.

The Unifying DMP is designed to provide publishers, agencies and marketers with a comprehensive view of their customer data. In addition to managing mobile web data, the platform integrates discrete audience-based data from a variety of first- and third-party sources, including data from mobile apps, behavioral and demographic data, web analytic tools, CRM data sets, point-of-sale data and other available offline data sources.

“Lotame has built a top-notch central audience dashboard that can move audience data to and from other technology platforms, including content management, inventory management, order management, yield management and the like,” said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried. “Our customers want to be able to facilitate content optimization and personalization, and our Unifying DMP will work with their Content Management Systems to do that smoothly.”

A few months ago Lotame began testing a universal tag to collect and manage user behaviors, demographics, interests and actions from desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Modified versions of the tag can also pull in data from CRM systems, analytics tools, set-top boxes and other offline databases.

“We found Lotame to be far ahead of their peers,” said David Nelson, Director of Ad Technology & Delivery at Unanimis. “Our multi-screen delivery has been enhanced and simplified with clearly measurable commercial benefits.”

Understanding audience interests across devices, platforms and content types empowers both publishers and marketers to improve the end-user experience. As it paves the way for cross-platform capabilities, Lotame is simultaneously developing and releasing cross-platform opt-out tools, so that consumers can benefit from improvements in both digital content experiences and consumer privacy tools.

This story was first reported by MediaPost