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Mobile Data Management Platform

June 26, 2014

Unlock Mobile Audience Data and Insights with the Lotame Mobile Data Management Platform

As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on multiple mobile devices, publishers and marketers are faced with the challenge of collecting, organizing and activating this plethora of mobile data. To help our clients accomplish this feat, Lotame offers a mobile data management platform and a suite of mobile DMP products.    

With the Lotame Mobile DMP suite, businesses can now automatically:

  •       Collect data from various browsers and devices without hindering the consumer experience in an automated fashion.
  •       Organize, analyze and activate first-party data to create compelling and qualified mobile audience segments for efficient targeting by savvy mobile marketers across any mobile device.
  •       Activate audience data in native applications across iOS and Android devices with Lotame’s Mobile SDK.
  •       Access unique behavioral and demographic audience data from multiple mobile sources through Lotame’s global third-party data network
  •       Track performance of mobile campaigns and generate deeper, actionable insights with Lotame Insights, a powerful tool that allows businesses to get smarter about the audiences and behaviors that are driving their KPI’s.

For more information on how Lotame’s data management platform can help you harness the power of your data from any source (mobile, desktop, and beyond!), contact us to set up a demo today.